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WannaGoSailing is a global yacht charter brokerage with extensive fleets throughout the world. We cater to all who wish to experience the joy of sailing holiday regardless of their skill level or group size. 

There are several types of charter vessels at your disposal and many sizes among each group. It is essential that you pick the vessel which best suits you and your sailing companions in terms of size and comfort, as well as navigational and yacht handling skill level. 

For those who lack in sailing experience, we provide skippered yacht charter, which means that your job is to relax and enjoy yourself, while hired skipper's job is to make sure that all the work is done.  That doesn't mean that you can't pitch in and help or take over at times - it only means that you are under no pressure and that a professional is on hand.

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Monohull sailing yachts are probably most popular choice among the charter yachts.


They are well suited for all parts of the world and sailing areas due to their compact design. They can go for days without re-fueling and require smaller marina berths than catamarans and motor yachts. 

Modern monohull sailing yachts are exceptionally well appointed for optimum comfort, despite their compact size.


When choosing a monohull, always check number of cabins and heads and if at all possible, select the one with a spare bunk - you will probably need it for storage of bags, etc. 

We operate fleets which include most popular makes and models available on the market.   

Catamaran sailing yachts have always been popular among charter community. 

They are best suited for families and groups chartering in sailing areas with a lot of natural harbors and anchorages. They can be less certain to get a suitable overnight mooring in the marinas, especially during the busy periods. 

Catamarans have been very popular with the families with young children because they don't heel as much as monohulls under sail and they also provide much needed extra space and interest for the young sailors. If your group includes non-sailors, this may be a comfortable introduction for them. ​

We operate fleets which include most popular makes and models available on the market.   

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If you are looking for the ultimate sense of freedom, then hop on board one of these beauties.

Motor yachts are popular among novice and experienced yachtsmen looking for an experience which includes speed and muscle. They offer a sense of power and luxury and are sure way to impress your companions.

These yachts, regardless of their size, are suitable for all sailing areas, including shallower waters due to their reduced draft.   

We suggest that you consider hiring a skipper and a hostess together with your motor yacht. They can take care of all things that need to be considered and taken care of while you indulge in ultimate luxury and get the most from your holiday.  

We operate bareboat and skippered fleets of all major makes and models  of motor yachts worldwide. 

All types and sizes of yachts in our fleet can be chartered as 'BAREBOAT' or 'SKIPPERED'.

'Bareboat' means that you charter a yacht which you handle and sail yourself. Before committing to a bareboat charter, please ensure that you have suitable and accepted yacht handling and navigational certificate which is typically issued by the national sailing authority

'Skippered' means that as part of your yacht charter, you hire a fully qualified and certified skipper to either fully handle and navigate the yacht of assists you in doing so.  

To begin planning, browse our Popular Destinations pages to get a few ideas. If you are not entirely sure, tell us about where and when you would like to go and one of our highly experienced Destination Specialists will tailor your yacht charter package by making sure that


  1. you select the destination which best suits your interests and expectations,

  2. the yacht you select is most suitable for your group

and then they will prepare personalised 'Suggested Sailing Route' so you and your sailing companions get the most out of your charter holiday experience. You don't have to stick with what we suggest and you can make your own route up as you go along - that is the best part of sailing holidays! You might find somewhere you would like to stay a little longer, or, you may decide to join your new found yachtie friends and go along on their route. Possibilities are truly endless!

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