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Croatia is one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world. It has over 6000km of coastline, including islands, islets and reefs. The Dalmatian Coast in Croatia offers clear blue waters for sailing, swimming and snorkeling, stunning sunsets, medieval architecture and secluded beaches. Its ancient coastal cities with colorful and turbulent history, over 1100 islands alongside abundant national parks accessible by yacht, offer plenty to see and do and more to come back for.

The Adriatic Sea is navigational paradise. It’s lack of notable tides and tidal streams, light and reliable winds make Croatia suitable sailing spot for all levels of sailing experience. 56 modern and well equipped marinas, 30,000 berths in harbors and ports as well as natural (and often free) anchorages allow you to explore at your own pace, in company of other yachties or in seclusion.

Special Offers - Croatia

The main sailing season is from April to end of October. ‘The Good Wind’, Mistral is fairly reliable during the summer months. It starts building up around noon, peaks at around 4pm and dies down after sunset. It generally peaks somewhere between 15 and 25knots. It is a sea breeze best enjoyed from the stern.  

There are five general sailing areas in Croatia, each of them unique and special and unlike anything you will find anywhere else.

We have explored and compiled many suggested sailing routes for our clients. Please tell us about your trip, companions, interests and expectations and we will tailor a suggested route which best suits you. 

Read more about one of our client's experience here.

Main sailing areas

Main Sailing Season:  April - October

Language(s): Croatian, English, German, Italian

Currency:  Kuna (HRK)

Airports:  Zagreb, Pula, Rijeka, Zadar. Split, Dubrovnik

Marinas: 56

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