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Has your team already done paint-balling, school sports day, cooking lessons and Downton Abbey style (upstairs-downstairs) team building day? Are you worried that your best clients will not be impressed enough with your loyalty gifts? Are you looking for something exciting and unique? Read on...

Team Building - WannaGoSailing Style

Sailing is a team sport which requires skill, use of logic and common sense as well as constant observation of one's own and other team members' safety. It's fun, somewhat competitive and above all, an excellent opportunity to explore individual strengths and weaknesses and incorporate them into team's work for optimum result. 

We offer a vast range of options worldwide for either one-day team building sailing adventures up to a week long team building / performance rewards junkets. 

Our services are tailored for each request but typically include the following:

  • One sailing yacht or a flotilla (depending on a number of participants)

  • Fully qualified skipper and experienced deckhand for each vessel to ensure safety of all on board and to give the crew appropriate amount of instruction and guide the team in their effort

  • All safety equipment

  • Lunch and soft drinks served on board

In addition to the above, team building / performance awards junkets also typically include: ​

  • Accommodation on board of a yacht

  • Airport transfers

  • A concierge service to take care of check ins, registrations, restaurant bookings, on-shore activities (sight seeing, museum passes, etc.)

  • Provisioning of the yacht(s)

  • Any other reasonable requests 

Please contact us with your requests or ideas and we will tailor most suitable team building experience for your organisation and within the time-frame and budget you specify. 

Corporate Rewards Like No Others

Have your staff out-performed all your expectations? Or, has your best client dramatically increased the volume of business they do with your organisation? We have the ultimate 'Thank You' you can give them!

Yachting has always been associated with luxury and prestige, regardless of whether it is done on a luxurious motor yacht, either very large or a classic sailing yacht. We operate a fleet of fully crewed luxury, mega and classic yachts worldwide and can cater to all requirements with utmost professionalism and discretion. It is up to your guest whether they want to get involved or just relax and enjoy the experience. 

Each request is assessed and catered for individually, but typically, we provide the following as part of our corporate rewards service:

  • Fully crewed yacht of your choice

  • Airport transfers (limo and town car services are available)

  • Helicopter transfer (South of France, depending on yacht size and location)

  • Accommodation on board a yacht

  • All food and drink

  • Fuel

  • A designated concierge to look exclusively after your guests 

Please contact us by email or phone so we can start tailoring an ideal package for you and your guests!  

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