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Six places you must see while sailing in Campania (Italy)

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

It is likely that your Italian sailing adventure in Campania will start in Naples. You will not be disappointed as this part of the world is not only stunningly beautiful but it is rich in history, and culture too. It is also one of the most popular sailing destination in Europe, where you are likely to rub shoulders with the glitterati.

Naples Italy, Campania, sailing holidays, yacht charter
Bay of Naples, Italy, by night

One of the most striking cities in Italy is Naples, a city blessed with natural wonders, from its volcanic backdrop to its rich blue sea. Naples boasts some of the world’s most important archaeological treasures. Its historic center has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To truly appreciate these treasures, pay a visit to the National Archaeological Museum which presents one of the world’s most diverse collections of Graeco-Roman artefacts.

Sailing around here is probably the most interesting and rewarding in this part of the Mediterranean. Set sail from Procida to explore the Bay of Naples, the Amalfi Coast, he Phlegraean Islands and more. You will encounter volcanoes, ancient ruins , blue grottos and chic cafes. Follow our lead and don't miss any of our absolute musts!

Procida, Naples, Campania, sailing holidays, yacht charter


Procida is the Bay of Naples' main charter base and is the ideal starting point for sailing trips regardless of whether you choose to sail towards Ponza or towards the glitz of Capri and the Amalfi Coast. The island of Procida is half way between Capri and Ischia. The island’s eponymous main town is known for its brightly-coloured houses that merge into a vibrant backdrop for the emerald waters. Just 4Nm to the east sits the sheltered Porto Miseno, known throughout the region for its wonderful fresh mussels.

Capri, Campania, Italy, sailing holidays, yacht charter


Arguably one of Italy’s most stunning islands, Capri boasts dazzling waters and fascinating Ancient Greek history. If you’re sailing there, moor up in Marina Grande to explore the quaint local area and rugged landscape. Sail around to the famous Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto), where the sunlight against the blue sea illuminates the cavern, making it the most famous sight on Capri island.

Campania Italy sailing holidays yacht charter
Mount Vesuvius, Campania, Italy

Mount Vesuvius

At 1,281m high, Mount Vesuvius offers phenomenal views and is well worth a climb. Vesuvius is also rich in wildlife and nature. It may be responsible for one of the most catastrophic eruptions, destroying Pompeii, but contrary to popular belief, it is dormant and sits peacefully with no bubbling lava in its crater. On a climb up, there are kiosks selling water all the way up and a scenic place to rest when you reach the summit. Don't forget to bring your camera!

sailing holidays italy yacht charter
Pompeii, Italy


Sitting in the shadow of the Mount Vesuvius lies the archaeological site of Pompeii. Once a thriving ancient city, now the area is just ruins, infamously destroyed by a Vesuvius’ volcanic eruption in 79 A.D. Wander through the cobbled streets and impressive buildings to fully absorb Pompeii’s history and the tragedies of its people and culture. Consider joining a guided tour - the guides are incredibly knowledgeable and will point out parts of the city you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. During the summer, a market sits outside the entrance which is full of souvenirs so you can pick up a memento.

Pompeii is easily accessible by Circumvesuviana train from the marina in Sorrento. It takes 20 minutes to get to Pompeii and the train station is located directly opposite the archaeological site.

Amalfi coast italy sailing holidays yacht charter
Amalfi Coast, Italy

Sorrento & Amalfi Coast

Sorrento is the gateway to the Amalfi Coast. It sits along the clifftops of the Bay of Naples, and is a must-see part of the coast. With its streets full of incredible restaurants and cafes, stop off for some irresistible cuisine, an espresso or a shot of limoncello. All are well worth the climb up either one of the many staircases or winding roads leading up from thesea and the harbour. Consider a leisurely walk to the nearby village of Sant’Agnello which also boasts incredible views, sunsets over Naples and picturesque architecture.

A beautiful stretch of land with steep peaks and waterfront cliffs that dive dramatically to the sea, the Amalfi Coast is a spectacular place to visit, especially by yacht. Vibrant, pastel-hued towns add bursts of colour add to the beauty of the coastline. Mooring fees are among some of the more expensive in the Mediterranean, but there are several anchorages nearby.

The town of Amalfi proudly boasts UNESCO World Heritage status, and an abundance of marble statues and whitewashed piazzas. Dug into a gorge in the side of the mountain, the town can trace its history back to Roman aristocrats, who built holiday villas here in the first century AD. The food is a real highlight, from fresh seafood to salsicciotto sausage.

It is impossible to put all point of interest into a blog post but we hope we have given you an idea of an incredible holiday you can have here. The area will leave no one indifferent - sailors, foodies, history buffs, sight see-ers and glitterati alike and it is an ideal spot for bringing a group which includes non-sailors too. operate fleets of over 7,000 sailing monohulls, catamarans, motor and classic yachts in 42 destinations worldwide. Contact us today to book your first or next sailing adventure! Our Italian fleet of 927 yachts operate from over 30 bases. We promise not to disappoint you!

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