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Nice and easy Corfu

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

If all you want is a bit of easy sailing and a lot of chillin', here is how...

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Corfu, Greece

Start of this year was extremely busy and the first few months simply flew by. My wife and I decided to take a short break to simply chill out, eat and sleep. We looked at all sorts of options but nothing really appealed until we stumbled upon a lat minute deal for a 36Ft Bavaria from Corfu.

36 footer is a yacht we can easily handle on our own in any kind of weather, so we jumped at the opportunity.

We flew to Corfu and started our trip from Gouvia Marina which is a short taxi drive from the airport. After check in, we walked to the supermarket which was well stocked, picked up the essentials and set sail. It was our intention to take it easy and see as much or as little as we felt like each day.

Kassiopi Bay was our first stop. Kassiopi is said to have been founded in the third century BC, and a Byzantine fortress still stands on a hill overlooking the town and its beaches. The resort itself is extremely popular with the British tourists for its vibrant eateries and nightlife. We however kept away from hustle and bustle and opted for a quiet dinner in Trilogia restaurant, not very far from the harbour.

The next day we sailed along the north coast to Sidari. There we dropped anchor and went to explore natural landmark known as the Canal de l’Amour. It is accessible on foot from land or from the sea if you have a dinghy. The Canal de l’Amour is a series of narrow inlets created by sandstone cliffs. Each of the inlets offers something unique, ranging from a pristine strip of white sand to paths that lead to gorgeous stone archways or hidden caverns.

There is abundance of restaurants, pizzerias and tavernas in this area. We opted for Greek Taverna Konaki which did not disappoint.

Our next stop was San Stefanos. It's beauty has attracted the likes of Rothschilds, who own a villa there, so if you feel nosy, take a walk for a sneak peak.

We were at this stage approaching the end of our short break and we decided to pick up the pace and start making our way back.

Our next stop was Paxos, the smallest of the Ionian islands. It's cool and laid back vibe, attracts celebrities and mere mortals alike. If you are lucky, you might bump into Keanu Reeves or Angelina Jolie who visit Paxos for a proper and full switch off. The island never gets as too busy - there are no big events, flashy parties or festivals held here which makes Paxos an ideal spot for a day or two of ultimate peace and calm.

The island has a lot to offer. We suggest waterfront dining at the Taverna Pan & Theo in Gaois and La Rosa de Paxos on the other side of the island. During the day, use your yacht to sail around this hidden gem surrounded by turquoise waters, white cliffs and find any of the many coves for swimming and snorkelling. When you've done all that, it's cocktail time at Erimitis in Magazia. And, don't forget to enjoy the spectacular Greek sunset while you are sipping you mojito!

Depending on who you are sailing with, you may not need to cover a lot of ground for a great holiday. We sail more or less all the time, and just being on a boat is sometimes enough. The sense of freedom, possibilities and adventure is all you sometimes need. So, don't beat yourself up if you make it only half way through your sailing route - there is always another time or next year to finish it.

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