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Girls (and boys) just wanna have fun!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

...and that's what WannaGoSailing is here for!

Do you keep hearing about these amazing sailing holidays everyone is talking about? You didn't even know that so many people sail, right? A lot of them don't, but they still had epic adventures on board of our yachts throughout the Mediterranean. Read on to find out what really goes on.

Private yacht cruise, Croatia, sailing holiday
Croatia is a magnificent sailing destination, and Split is one of its crown jewels

Imagine heading off on holidays with a group of friends. You are all full of energy and excitement of going on a week long cruise on a private yacht. But it gets even better from here...

Your plane finally lands in let's say Split, Croatia. The weather is gorgeous, sunshine is bouncing off the deep blue Adriatic Sea and you can't wait to start your adventure.

First, meet Ivan, your friendly pick up. His job is to spare you the torture of fighting for a taxi, grumbling taxi man who would prefer a longer ride, haggle over the cost and then finding another one for the rest of your group. Ivan has got you covered and he will bring you straight to your yacht.

Private catamaran cruise, yacht charter, sailing holiday
Imagine a holiday on this luxury catamaran... yes you can - imagine and do it!

He will hand you over to Josip (Croatian equivalent of Joseph or Joe) who is going to be your skipper for a week. While you get your bags on board and pick your cabins, Ivan will check you in at the base office. Josip has your welcome drink ready and is desperately trying to remember everyone's names, especially uncommon ones. That might take a little while...

private yacht cruise, sailing vacation
Sailing holidays are all about exploring, meeting new people and making friends

On your first day and evening, it is customary that the boat is provisioned with breakfast and light lunch supplies, soft drinks, water, fruit, etc. Josip likes to do his safety briefing then and get that out of the way. Pay attention, it's important. He will give you a few ideas and ask where you want to go first when you set sail. Then everyone goes out for dinner and a few drinks. Josip knows pretty much all restaurant and pizzeria owners so getting a table is not a problem if he is around. You will be sent to bed early-ish and before you had a chance to drink to much. It's an early-ish start on day 2.

After breakfast, Josip has decided to bring you to Brac. Brac is home to Croatia's most famous beach - Zlatni Rat (Cape Golden) but don't rush to get there. Just relax either on front deck or in the cockpit, top up your tan and chill. There is abundance of tranquil coves excellent for dropping an anchor, having a dip and a spot of lunch once you pass the western tip of Brac.

sailing holiday with friends, cabin yacht charter
No fighting for sun loungers or crowded swimming pools here!

Later in the afternoon is good time to move on. Mistral, a gentle breeze kicks off in the afternoon and you you can glide along the southern coast of Brac until you get closer to Bol village and Zlatni Rat. Bol is an excellent overnight spot as it is a vibrant village with plenty of restaurants and bars.

The next day, we would recommend that you hang around Zlatni Rat for a while and either spend some time on the beach or try windsurfing, something Zlatni Rat is famous for. If you are very brave, you can para-glide from Vidova Gora, a mountain behind Bol Village.

sailing croatia, yacht charter, cruise
This is by far the best beach in the Mediterranean, in our opinion

After lunch, we suggest you set sail towards Hvar town. Hvar town is also known as St. Tropez of Croatia, and is one of the most popular tourist spots, without being over-crowded. Its seafront promenade is lined with trendy bars and restaurants, while the harbour is popular with yachts of all shapes and sizes. A medieval castle sits atop the hill above the town and is well worth a slightly steep climb up the hill. You will be rewarded by most spectacular view, and if you time your climb right, you could be rewarded by the most enchanting sunset. (Tip: very Instagram worthy!

croatia sailing, yacht holidays, luxury vacation
Hvar was probably our favorite stop over

After a night out in Hvar town, you will want to relax and not do an awful lot on your fourth day. Luckily, Paklinski Islands are a short hop away and Josip can easily get you there while you are still asleep so you can wake up to the smell of pine forest and the sound of crickets. Paklinski islands offer tranquility, pristine beaches and coves, ideal for swimming, snorkeling or paddle boarding. Our yachts are equipped with inflatable dinghy to bring you to any secluded beach, snorkeling gear and paddle boards. If there is anything that would enhance your holiday, you just need to tell us beforehand so we can ensure that is on board your yacht for you.

After lunch, you should head towards Vela Luka in Korcula island. Vela Luka is one of the quieter towns on the island but it still boasts excellent restaurants and bars, even though not as many of them as Hvar town. However, being situated at the end of a large bay and facing west, Vela Luka offers probably the best sunsets you will find.

sunset, sailing adventures, yacht charter, boat rental

After breakfast on Wednesday, you should hike up to Vela Spila (Big Cave) on Pinski Rat hill at an elevation of approximately 130 m (430 ft). It is characteristically and most likely, the most significant prehistoric archaeological site in the Mediterranean region. The Cave interior measures ca. 15000m2, and thus far only small part has been explored. The continuous inhabitation has been established from the culmination of the last Ice Age (18000 B.C.) to the middle Bronze Age (2000 B.C.), and every now and then to the newer times. You will obviously need a pair of comfortable shoes for this but it will be well worth it.

Once you have come back from Vela Spila and had some lunch, perhaps even a swim, it's time to move on and head towards Vis. This is going to be a slightly longer sail so you will have an opportunity to relax on deck, maybe catch up on your reading or just keep your eyes peeled for dolphins who are frequently spotted between two islands.

sailing holiday Croatia, yachting
Mamma mia, here we go again... to Vis!

Vis is famous for being the set of Mamma Mia 2 movie, among other things. Before it was famous for Mamma Mia, it was famous for friendly locals, super fresh seafood and of course the Blue Cave. After you've had some dinner in any of the local tavernas in Komiza, settle in for the night as Thursday will be a busy day. Here is a little tip - you should try black risotto!

After breakfast, sail to Bisevo, a small island just off Komiza and grab a dinghy, paddle board and snorkeling gear. Josip can drop the anchor close enough to the cave that you can get there on your own. There is not much to say except - get in and enjoy the magic!

Blue Cave Komiza, sailing holiday croatia
We didn't think that the Blue Cave will be as spectacular as it is. It was the most pleasant surprise.

When you've had enough of the Blue Cave magic, Josip can bring you around to another treasure - Vala Stiniva. This is a very secluded beach, protected by close vertical cliffs. You can get in on a dinghy or a paddle board and enjoy exceptionally warm, clean water.

In the afternoon, it's time to start making your way back towards Split. No, your holiday is not over yet, but you need to start heading back. It isn't a bad idea to head back towards Hvar and Paklinski Islands. Depending on the time of the year, you just might stumble upon a yacht party. Yacht party is when a number of (mostly random) yachts raft up in a circle and form sort of a pool in the middle. This is normally when everyone is bobbing and chillin' on the inflatables, new friends are made and everyone is welcome.

yachting vacation, boat rental, sailing with friends

On Friday, it's time to get back to Split and you should set sail after breakfast. By lunchtime, Josip will figure out a good spot for lunch and a bit of swimming or snorkeling, somewhere around Solta. If you don't stay too long, you may catch another swim in any of many bays on the southern shore of Ciovo island. Just make sure to leave on time to make it back to the marina by 8pm.

Once you are back in the marina, and the boat is safely tucked in her berth, it's time to start planning for going home. Make sure that you have all your possessions as well as that you have your passport and plane ticket. You may have given them to Josip for safe keeping (he knows all secret compartments and cubbies on the boat to keep the important stuff safe) so make sure to get them back. If you so wish, you can use marina shower and laundry facilities. But, don't be late for dinner. This is the last night on the boat and it has to be special. Go to a restaurant on the famous Riva and then have a few drinks in any of the bars in the Diocletian's palace. But don't stay up to late - you have to leave the boat in the morning.

Oh, and don't forget your phone, especially if you are yet to put all your fab photos on Instagram! And make sure to tag us!

Our private cruises are not all like this one. Each group of guests has its own interests, plans and wishes, based on which a cruise is planned. Some of our clients choose to do more, others choose to do less. Some come with children and don't care for busy resorts and vibrant nightlife. Others come for nothing else.

If you have never been on a sailing holiday, here are a few useful tips you may find useful.

Our private cruises are available in all our destinations. Prices vary, depending on the dates, country and size of the group but generally cost in around €1,000 per person. All prices include airport transfer, welcome drink, yacht rental, skipper's fee, all administration and cleaning costs (mandatory), safety equipment and yacht insurance. Contact us today with your plans, wishes and expectations and we will tailor your unforgettable sailing holiday.


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