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Girls (and boys) just wanna have fun!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

...and that's what WannaGoSailing is here for!

Do you keep hearing about these amazing sailing holidays everyone is talking about? You didn't even know that so many people sail, right? A lot of them don't, but they still had epic adventures on board of our yachts throughout the Mediterranean. Read on to find out what really goes on.

Private yacht cruise, Croatia, sailing holiday
Croatia is a magnificent sailing destination, and Split is one of its crown jewels

Imagine heading off on holidays with a group of friends. You are all full of energy and excitement of going on a week long cruise on a private yacht. But it gets even better from here...

Your plane finally lands in let's say Split, Croatia. The weather is gorgeous, sunshine is bouncing off the deep blue Adriatic Sea and you can't wait to start your adventure.

First, meet Ivan, your friendly pick up. His job is to spare you the torture of fighting for a taxi, grumbling taxi man who would prefer a longer ride, haggle over the cost and then finding another one for the rest of your group. Ivan has got you covered and he will bring you straight to your yacht.